• Wireless Engineering
  • Bristol

Job Description
Working closely with sales, product management and R&D teams, you will provide technical support to enable customers to design Picocom’s silicon and software products into their products.

You will help new customers to evaluate Picocom products and maintain support relationships with established customers, if necessary (and if possible) travelling to their premises. This may involve jointly designing systems using Picocom’s products to meet a customer’s needs.

The essential requirements are:

  • Liaise between customers and Picocom development teams to deliver expert help and support for customers designing with our products.
  • Provide a timely response to customers’ technical enquiries.
  • Capture customers’ technical requirements and understand the challenges they may face when integrating Picocom products.
  • Provide Picocom technical documentation to customers and help them to interpret our documentation for their use cases.
  • Debug Picocom reference hardware and software in response to customer bug reports.
  • Provide feedback to Picocom R&D teams on how we can improve our documentation and support for our customers.
  • Contribute to technical sales presentations and demonstrations.
  • Contribute to technical support documentation.

Relevant Experience, Skills and Knowledge
Candidates are likely to have had at least five years’ experience in relevant fields.


  • Willingness to engage in a professional and helpful manner with our customers’ technical teams.
  • Ability to present and explain technical information.
  • Experience in the development and debugging of real-time embedded systems.
  • Competence in ‘C’ language coding and scripting languages (eg: Python).
  • Working knowledge of 3GPP LTE and/or 5G physical and upper layers.
  • Experience using RF test equipment including vectors signal generation and analysis.


  • Experience working with technical standards for telecoms and/or networking.
  • Experience of IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol.
  • A basic understanding of Ethernet and IP networking.
  • Experience with digital interfacing and bus standards, e.g. PCIe, I2C, SPI, SERDES.

To apply for this job email your CV and covering letter to recruitment-en@picocom.atlassian.net