Hangzhou, China and Bristol, UK – Picocom, the 5G open RAN baseband semiconductor and software specialist, today announced the formal opening of its newly relocated Headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

The move was precipitated by a funding round led by Zhejiang Siwisdom Equity Investment Management Co. Ltd. (ZSE) and includes the Casstar fund, facilitating Picocom to establish its HQ in the Hangzhou High Tech Zone District, a renowned global innovation and entrepreneurship technology hub.

The relocation has enabled Picocom to accelerate the development of its forthcoming open RAN standard-compliant distributed unit (DU) baseband offload System-on-Chip (SoC) and carrier-grade physical layer (PHY layer) software for 5G small cells.

“With the strong support of our investors, our new headquarters in Hangzhou High Tech Zone has been set up, providing us with an excellent environment for developing advanced 5G small base station technology. The location is  particularly convenient for many leading partners in the 5G ecosystem,” commented, Dr Yingbo Jiang, CEO Picocom.”

Dr Jiang added: “At present, China is intensively developing ‘New Infrastructure’, for which the construction of 5G networks is an area of great interest. Due to their frequency allocation and high throughputs, 5G networks rely more heavily on small cell base stations for wide-area coverage. In addition, mobile operators are looking to disaggregate their networks and diversify their supply chains so that they can break vendor lock-in, thereby opening up competition and encouraging innovation. Picocom’s products enable these.”

“We are pleased to see Picocom’s early achievements in building an international research and development team, accelerating technological innovation, creating a 5G small base station industry ecosystem, and participating in international standard-setting,” commented Chen Bin, President of ZSE. “5G small base stations will be an important driving force in advancing the development of the 5G industry and expanding 5G network services. We look forward to the early launch of Picocom’s products.”

“On behalf of Picocom, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the investors, operators and research and development partners, who have been supporting us, and your strong support has driven us to accelerate the innovation and commercialisation of our 5G technologies,” concluded Yingbo Jiang, CEO Picocom.