Picocom’s PC802 System-on-Chip and 5G NR software at the core of Contela Distributed and Radio Units

Picocom, the 5G Open RAN baseband semiconductor and software specialist, today announced that Contela, a developer and manufacturer of wireless communication equipment, is utilising Picocom’s PC802 5GNR/LTE baseband silicon and related PHY software in its upcoming 5G Open RAN Distributed Unit (O-DUs) and Radio Unit (O-RUs) products. By leveraging the power, flexibility and scalability of Picocom’s Open RAN product portfolio, Contela aims to deliver advanced wireless network products that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

“With Picocom’s mature silicon and software, Contela is confident in its ability to deliver cutting-edge Open RAN wireless products to its customers and help them maintain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving telecoms industry. The immediate availability of PC802 and its accompanying software means we have already kickstarted our programme. By leveraging Picocom’s technology roadmap, Contela can continue to innovate and meet the market’s future demands,” said Sun Park, CEO of Contela.

“I am pleased to be able to announce that we are collaborating with Contela, and honoured that our silicon and software will be the foundation for their future Open RAN products. Korea is a global leader in wireless innovation, and we are very pleased with the traction we have seen and the increasing contribution Picocom is making in the region,” said Peter Claydon, President of Picocom.

The Picocom PC802 is shipping in mass production quantities with mature software for distributed units (O-DUs), radio units (O-RUs), and integrated small cells. PC802 supports 4G LTE and 5G NR and can run them concurrently on the same device. For more information on Picocom’s PC802 5G small cell SoC, visit picocom.com/products/socs/pc802.

Please click here to download this announcement in Korean.

About Contela

Contela is a developer and manufacturer of wireless communication equipment for the telecommunication industry. The company has been recognised for its technological innovation in the small cell industry by Small Cell Forum, with commercialisation experience of the world’s first 3G/4G small cells through collaboration with SK Telecom. Contela offers end-to-end solutions, core network products and access network products, for 4G/5G public/private networks.

For more information on Contela, visit contela.com.