We were delighted to take our newly announced PC805 – the industry’s first system-on-chip for 5G small cell Open RAN radio units – on the road for the first of its technology demonstrations, showcasing a live end-to-end demo to several lead customers.

“It was great to demonstrate our new small-footprint, low-power PC805 system-on-chip and showcase its capabilities and features targeted for O-RUs live in person in end-to-end demos to lead customers. We had a fantastic reception, and the feedback was highly positive. We look forward to continuing our PC805 demo roadshow early in the new year,” said Andy Morris, VP of Customer Engineering.

The PC805 end-to-end demo consists of an AttoCore 5G core, Radisys CU / DU, and Picocom High PHY running on a PC802 ORANIC board, all housed in a server. The ORANIC DU links to the PC805 (O-RU) on the RU Demonstrator Board (PC805 RDB) connected via an eCPRI fibre link, communicating to a tethered UE for demo purposes.

The flexible 5G NR/LTE companion RU Demonstrator Board used in the demo eases development and accelerates time-to-market. The PC805 RDB is pre-integrated with a Texas Instruments (TI) 4T4R RFIC and an RF front end, based on an iCana demonstrator design.

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