“It has been an interesting year for Picocom; successfully closing on our chip design during COVID lockdown hasn’t been the most straightforward of endeavours for a young company such as ours, but we got there,” remarked Peter Claydon, President, Picocom. “Naturally, the global lockdown restrictions presented both personal and professional challenges for the team, but in some ways, it has brought the team closer together. It is an amazing achievement having the team work remotely and bring our complex 5G Open RAN baseband SoC to market.”

“With Picocom’s products shortly to be available, we need a test support lab. We’ll have enough equipment to cater for substantial amounts of testing, including our Open RAN interfaces, O-RAN open fronthaul and FAPI with customers’ software. The focus will be for the team to review the chip when it comes back from the fab, bring it to market, and work with customers on software and hardware integration. We must have the capability to deliver first-class support for our small cell Open RAN silicon and carrier-grade software to meet our customers’-specific needs as we move towards field-trials later this year,” added Mike Davison, VP Operations, Picocom.

“As a result, we are recruiting engineers to support expansion, concluded Claydon.

You can view open job opportunities here.