This webinar hosted by The Mobile Network (TMN) brings together companies from across the Open RAN ecosystem to explain how an open ecosystem is creating real partnerships and a diverse range of solutions that meet operator requirements.

When: Tuesday 27 June 2023  |  Time: 3pm BST

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  • Is the Open RAN ecosystem healthy?
  • Who is in it?
  • How does an open ecosystem bring products together, and deploy them in commercial networks?
  • Can these solutions compete with the best from companies that define and control development end-to-end?
  • How much integration is too much integration?

This webinar will also look at the challenges of the open model, identify where work needs to be done and will discuss:

  • How operators are engaging with the open ecosystem
  • Gaps in ecosystem
  • The benefits and challenges of an open model
  • Open RAN product and solution development


Peter Claydon – President, Picocom
Peter Claydon has been president of Picocom since its founding in 2018. He has a career spanning nearly 40 years in the fields of semiconductors and wireless, ranging from avionic systems through video encoding and digital TV to 3G, 4G and 5G cellular systems. He was a founder of Picochip, where he oversaw the creation of the first chips used in small cell cellular base stations. Peter also worked on the development of 4G base stations at Airspan Networks and was the project director of the UK AutoAir 5G testbed.


Richard Mackenzie – Distinguished Engineer, BT
Richard Mackenzie is a Distinguished Engineer in Wireless Networks at BT’s Applied Research. His current focus is on creating an ecosystem for RAN virtualisation, network automation, and the use of small cells. He is co-chair of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) “RAN Intelligence & Automation” OpenRAN sub-project and is also involved in Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN), where he was Chair of the “RAN Functional Split and X-Haul” Group, O-RAN Alliance and Small Cell Forum (SCF).


Wayne Kuo – Software Manager for 5G Platform, Accton
Wayne joined Accton in 2020 as the Open Solution Software Team Manager, leading the Software team in the development of Accton’s 5G O-RAN software system.



Ganesh Shenbagaraman – Head of Integrated Products and Ecosystems – Radisys
Ganesh heads Radisys’ integrated solutions across wireless, wireline and media processing domains. He leads 4G and 5G wireless product development, drives collaboration with industry partners and performs key leadership roles in 5G standardization and Open RAN ecosystem partnerships at Radisys. He also represents Radisys in industry forums such as the O-RAN Alliance, Small Cell Forum and TIP.


Kyung Mun – Principal Analyst, Mobile Experts
Kyung Mun is a Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts focusing on Small Cells, Private Wireless, Fixed Wireless Broadband, and Edge Computing. Over the past 30 years, he has worked on hardware board designs, programmed real-time embedded systems for wireless infrastructure and worked on technology strategy for CxO’s in wireless and cable industries.


Keith Dyer – Editor, The Mobile Network (TMN)
Keith is a journalist with 25 years experience covering mobile network technology. He co-founded TMN in 2013, and has tracked the development of 5G, Open RAN, network automation and other key technology trends in the mobile network. He will host and moderate the panel event and Q&A.


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