PC802 SoC and PHY software power BLiNQ O-DU PCIe card

Picocom, the 5G Open RAN baseband semiconductor and software specialist, announced that BLiNQ Networks, a leading North American manufacturer of CBRS fixed and mobile wireless equipment, has elected to design-in Picocom silicon and software into the heart of its new 5G Open RAN small cell distributed unit (DU) board. The agreement to buy silicon and license Picocom’s 5G NR PHY Layer software products will enable BLiNQ to accelerate the development of its upcoming small cells products.

“We are excited to be working with BLiNQ Networks – I’m proud to be able to announce publicly that our silicon and software will feature in future BLiNQ small cell products,” commented Peter Claydon, President of Picocom. “This exciting news comes hot-on-the-heels of our PC802 PHY SoC market launch, and as we ramp up to its first public showing at MWC in Barcelona next week. PC802 is being designed into multiple products by several customers and will be in trials within the next few months.”

“Picocom’s SoC integrates well into BLiNQ Networks Private 5G Solutions, offering an ideal balance between traffic capacity and power consumption, and further simplifies component interfaces that other commercial solutions require,” said Radu Selea, CTO of BLiNQ Networks. “We are pleased to partner with Picocom and look forward to bringing our 5G NR O-RAN accelerator board to the market with the PC802 5G PHY SoC at its core.”

The Picocom PC802 5G PHY SoC is optimised for disaggregated RAN small cells. It employs the FAPI protocol (defined by the Small Cell Forum) to communicate with and provide physical layer services to the MAC and has an integrated O-RAN Alliance Open Fronthaul interface, based on eCPRI, to connect and communicate with Open RAN (remote) radio units (RUs), as well as JESD204B interfaces to connect gluelessly with commonly available radio transceivers.

For more information on Picocom’s PC802 5G small cell SoC, visit picocom.com/products/socs/pc802.

For more information on the BLiNQ and its 5G O-DU card, visit blinqnetworks.com.

To arrange a meeting demo with Picocom at MWC 22 Barcelona, email MWC_Barcelona@picocom.com.



About BLiNQ Networks

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