Picocom was proud to be a lead sponsor for this year’s Small Cells World Summit (SCWS), held from 23-24 May 2023 in London.

As well as showcasing Picocom technology on our exhibitor booth, we participated in the main Agenda as follows:

[Visit the SCF website to access SCWS recordings and presentations]

Session – ‘Generating value on the roadmap to 2030’:

  • Picocom President Peter Claydon presents: ‘The roadmap to 2030’ (watch 1:00 – 26:28)


  • Picocom Chief Solutions Architect Dr Doug Pulley presents: ‘The Future of the RAN’ (watch 1:04:20 – 1:23:05)


Session – ‘Architectures, Splits and Options’:

  • Picocom VP Product Management Vicky Messer participated in a panel on ‘A use case driven roadmap for Open RAN’ (watch 1:25:20 – 1:59:10)


During the event, Picocom was delighted to announce that its VP of Product Management, Vicky Messer, was named as a winner of the inaugural Women in Wireless award at the SCF Industry Awards 2023.



Picocom was delighted to sponsor The Mobile Network (TMN) Small Cells Market Status Update, published for SCWS. This free annual report always provides a valuable focus on the small cell ecosystem. As well as deployment and ecosystem updates, the report includes an exclusive insider insight from Picocom into requirements for small cells now and in the future. Download it here.



Visit the SCF website to access SCWS recordings and presentations.