Picocom is proud to support and participate in the UKESF Scholarship Scheme, which offers scholarships at partner universities to electronics undergraduates. By engaging with young people at school and through university to graduate employment, this scheme is actively tackling the skills shortage problem that threatens productivity, growth and economic expansion of the electronics sector in the UK.

Picocom is engaged in efforts to help solve this challenge by collaborating with UKESF’s ever-expanding education programme to raise interest in Electronics. In addition, this scheme supports some of the UK’s most capable undergraduates studying Electronics at top universities by providing scholarships.

Recent graduate Oisin Robinson, who has experienced the valuable work of the UKESF Scholarship Scheme more than once, said, “My scholarship and work with UKESF has allowed me to become a far more inspired and passionate engineer than I would have been without them. They exposed me to more facets of engineering than would have been possible at those ages.”

Oisin developed an interest in integrated circuit (IC) design and communications technology and is now a full-time Design Engineer at Picocom. His role involves designing new systems for upcoming 5G system-on-chip (SoC) devices, enabling him to bring his passion for engineering into the limelight.

Oisin created and hosted the UKESF ‘Silicon Southwest’ networking event in August in partnership with UKESF. He hopes that providing an environment for young engineers to network with each other will help spawn new ideas and companies to help solve problems.

During ten weeks over the summer of 2022, Picocom supported two interns, Lewis Musto and Erwan Régy. Their enthusiasm and work ethic was outstanding, as was their contribution during their internship, which was invaluable. We are confident this experience has been an integral part of their engineering journey, and we hope to see them again in the future.

To find out more about the UKESF scholarship opportunities at Picocom, please click here.

Read comments from Oisin, Lewis and Erwan about their Picocom experiences below:
“I would highly recommend applying. The broad nature of the work we do on the Picocom silicon team means that you will experience and solve a wide array of problems across the spectrum of hardware and software, and there will be tasks that fit a range of interests and passions. The UKESF scheme was a fantastic experience for me, and I highly recommend you apply for a Scholarship.”
“I have had a truly amazing time at Picocom. I was given an amazing opportunity to contribute to and participate in several interesting projects that had a real impact. I am very grateful to have had the chance to meet all the amazing people there. Looking forward to returning next summer!”
“I’ve had a really fun time in my short but exciting time at Picocom this Summer. Working with the fabulous team of experts there has been a truly motivating experience to continue working in the field of electronics. I especially appreciated making direct contributions to the company the whole way through. An added bonus sprinkle of fun was the social events we held, like when we beat an Escape Room with just two seconds to spare! Picocom would definitely be my top recommendation to anyone interested in electronics and engineering or that simply loves a good bit of problem-solving. I look forward to working with everyone again soon and wish them all the best.”